LIONHEART [Fantasy Novel]

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Hardcover A5 size 329-page Fantasy Novel

When Yue Yuen dies in his hospital bed, he awakens in the world of the last book he was reading. It surprises him with its strangeness and bizarre hybrid Western and Chinese worldbuilding, eating soup noodles with chopsticks within the stone walls of a medieval European castle. Xianxia meets sword and sorcery.

Through this process of transmigration, he becomes Prince Yue Xiaolin, a menace of a teenage boy that Yue Yuen had only ever seen abusing his power and status. Now, Yue Yuen is Yue Xiaolin, and he’ll need allies if he wants to survive in this strange world.

As if things weren’t already strange enough, it looks like the cruel target of the original Yue Xiaolin might just end up being the new Yue Xiaolin’s closest friend, most precious companion, and perhaps even his first love.