THE FAIRIES SING EACH TO EACH (April 2021) from Flower Press

The libretto (the text for an opera) about Amadeus Vu, a mortal man who will become Empress of Heaven, and Severin Lacandola, a rose-blooded Chevalier of the Royal Oak, and their relationship as it bears the weight of divine transformation.

LUNG, CROWN, AND STAR (Dec 2020) from Lazy Adventurers Publishing

A 40-page chapbook about Charmless Ly and her monstrous divinity in her quest to become a god, and the way that the singing bells of her mind help her destroy her life.



“A Monster Unlike Other Monsters: A Tale About the Butterfly Magician” (Summer 2021) in A Tether to This World: Mental Health Recovery Stories from Main Street Rag Publishing

An essay about the isolation of monstrously stigmatized neurodivergence and the internal world I have created to thrive.

 “Portrait of Amadeus Vu,” (Jan 2021) in [sub]liminal magazine Issue #1

A portrait of Amadeus in all her divine grace.

“The Hand You’re Dealt: Tarot, Disability, and How You Win the Game” (Jan 2021) in Epoch Issue #1 

An essay about how you defeat the House with a rotten hand of cards and how a disabled person finds a way to thrive.

“Otherworld Amadeus,” (Winter 2020) in SPORAZINE
A quote from “Amadeus Vu” in a visual construct of web-art-inspired text boxes on top of an inverted black and white watercolor portrait of Amadeus.

Luminous, Misting,” (Winter 2020) in Storm Cellar

A short story about Luminous Le, a prince/ss, the silver that lives in their mind, and how their system of existence survives.



LIAR, LIONNESS (Summer 2021) from Flower Press

A queer, ethereal, and otherworldly fantasy twine about Sengreen Le (they/them) and The Empyrean Monarch, Lin Xue (he/she), as they deftly navigate fairy politics and the shifting seas in the power of intimacy while they attempt to keep hold of The Crescent Court.

"The Divine Do Not Live on the First Floor," "On a Night Alone, I Have Nothing But My Own," "Do You Know What Happens When," in Spoon Knife 

A video performance of, "The Divine Do Not Live on the First Floor" in WRITING OURSELVES / MAD Folio featured in Anomaly 

The Enchantress that Made Us” (Spring 2021) in Rattle

A poem about madness & enchantments

[CSA] “Redtail, Swallowtail, Ouroboros” (TBD 2021) in Marias at Sampaguitas

An Amadeus Vu poem about the history that made him, and what he made of it.



“The Divine Do Not Live on The First Floor,” (Oct 2020) in Nectar Poetry Issue #2

A poem about Amadeus Vu and the divine who do not live on the first floor to the kingdom of the heavens

"The Fey, The Fen,” (Sept 2020) in Rodwell Magazine

A poem about Amadeus and the aspirations of a mortal man who will become the next Empress of Heaven.

“What To Do, Who Are You,” (Sept 2020) in Rogue Agent Issue #66

A poem about the celestials that love you who are going to kill you.

 “The King is Dead, Long Live The King” and “The Rare Kind: The Stakes of Intersectional Storytelling,” (Sept 2020) in Wordgathering.

Creative nonfiction essays about origin stories, disability, and storytelling.

“Amadeus Vu,” “Celestial Machina: A Love Letter from Amadeus Vu,” and “A Fairy Etherized Upon a Table,” (August 2020) in beestung Issue #4

Poems about Amadeus Vu, the fairies, the monstrous, and the divine.

“Only Deathless,” (June 2020) in Prismatica Issue #10
A dissociative mecha short story about Only Ngo, their monarch of a mech, and how no one ever knew they’d get ferocious.